About Us

Cloud ISP Management System

Envelop was aptly named. Our goal was and still is to perfect a SINGLE PLATFORM where all facets of managing an internet service provider could be achieved. We don't want our customers to have to subscribe to dozens of other services. Envelop "envelops" your systems and processes.

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Why Us


    Envelop was developed initially for our own wireless ISP, with the intention of bringing the product to other ISPs, which we are now doing.

  • Brand agnostic

    Other than the core router on your network, we don't care what sort of equipment you want to use. Envelop manages Cambium, Ubiquiti, MikroTik, Mimosa, Radwin, etc - literally ANY device - because Envelop is managing your network, not directly managing your equipment.

  • Professional Consulting and Troubleshooting

    While our goal is very much to make you a self-sufficient operator, we'll do whatever it takes to get you there. From decades of experience in the industry, our service technicians can help you identify AND fix any issue you may be having. We love a challenge. Our goal is to have your network working at peak levels.


Envelop has the following features

In addition to the features above, we're always working on improving Envelop based on the feedback of our awesome customers. Each week we send out a request for improvements to our customers, choose a minimum of one of those requests and implement it by the following week.

Our Leadership Team

Tabitha Lyon

Accounts and Support

Nate Lyon

Co-Founder, Wireless Network Engineer, WISP owner

Dave Stahr

Co-Founder, Developer, Technical Services

Heather Stahr

Training and Support